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      1. Reading, Math, & School Management Practices

        Tangerine?is electronic data collection software designed for use on mobile computers, including netbooks, tablet computers and smartphones. Its primary use is to enable recording of students’ responses in oral early grade reading and mathematics skills assessments, specifically Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Early Grade Mathematics Assessment (EGMA), and interview responses from students, teachers and principals on home and school context information (these data are collected through a battery of surveys called the Snapshot of School Management Effectiveness, SSME).  To learn more about the application of EGRA, EGMA and SSME, please visit shared.rti.org and browse reports, guidance notes, instruments and reference tools.  



        Early Grade Reading ASSESSMENTS (EGRA)

        Tangerine features a range of subtest modules including those most commonly found in Early Grade Reading Assessment instruments, such as Letter Name Knowledge, Familiar word identification, Invented word decoding, Oral passage reading, and comprehension.


        Early Grade Mathematics Assessments (EGMA)

        Tangerine features modules for the Early Grade Mathematics Assessment. Subtests already rendered include Number Identification, Number Discrimination, Missing Number Identification, Addition, Subtraction, and Word Problem Solving.


        Tangerine can be used to digitally administer the instruments for the Snapshot for School Management Effectiveness (SSME). These instruments include the student, parent, teacher and principals interview protocols, and the school and classroom inventory tools.  Tangerine can also be used to conduct a wide variety of school-based monitoring surveys and observational instruments.


        Content Bundling and Sharing with Tangerine

        Since it came on the scene 2012, Tangerine has grown into a full-featured platform with applications in student assessment, classroom observation, professional coaching and feedback, survey research, project operations (including consultant timekeeping and asset management), and clinical research (including case management modules, two-way and peer-to-peer data sync, and data inquiry functions, among others) Read more