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      1. Tablets Are In, Paper Is Out: School-to-School International Embracing Electronic Data Collection

        By Drew Schmenner

        Consultant, School to School International

        In 2013 in Pakistan, when School-to-School International conducted the largest Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) to date, data collection and entry were labor intensive and protracted. STS, which is based outside of San Francisco in Pacifica, assessed 30,000 students in 1,120 schools across Pakistan. The project required countless reams of paper, sets of pencils, and hours of data entry.

        Aiming to streamline the process, STS decided to switch to Tangerine and electronic data collection for a major project in February — an extensive baseline study of its Whole Child Model in Guinea.

        The Whole Child Model features a holistic set of education, health, and engagement activities. If all three of these components are addressed concurrently, STS believes children will flourish in the classroom. For instance, STS enhances education in its schools by training teachers and empowering girls. It also improves children’s health by providing access to clean water at schools and helping them to develop health policies. It also encourages community members to play an active role in their schools through its engagement projects, including training for school management committees, head teachers and parent involvement. Tangerine was indispensable for STS’s baseline study in Guinea. The extensive research will measure the impact of the Whole Child Model. STS developed EGRA and EGMA tools in Tangerine as well as 10 survey instruments for everyone invested in making schools thrive —teachers, students, and parents. STS tested 480 students in 20 schools and interviewed more than 780 people. It was the first time Tangerine had been used in Guinea. 

        By using Tangerine, STS jump-started its data analysis and reporting. Tangerine will remain an essential tool for STS as it expands its Whole Child Model and shares its expertise with partner organizations worldwide.

        To learn more about School to School's work, please contact Info@sts-international.org