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        Child Sponsorship Program: Vietnam

        By Save the Children

        Save the Children International (SCI) in Vietnam was introduced to Tangerine in August 2014 to conduct a learning assessment and health/nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) survey of 900 primary school students in the Child Sponsorship program, located in the north of the country in Lao Cai province. After this successful survey, use of Tangerine soon spread throughout SCI programs as the Child Sponsorship program shared Tangerine with the country M&E coordinator and other projects within SCI Vietnam such as the Disaster Risk Reduction project.

        In the experience of SCI Vietnam, using Tangerine helped save resources and conduct more accurate and efficient data collection. For example, Tangerine has saved resources on paper, data entry and cleaning, and has allowed for the immediate sharing of lessons learnt during the survey with each enumerator. Technically, SCI Vietnam experienced that Tangerine was not complex for users (the team was able to digitize the assessment into Tangerine after a short training course), Tangerine was very user-friendly for enumerators with different skill levels on using tablet and software (enumerators were recruited among teachers, college students and Save the Children staff). SCI Vietnam’s Child Sponsorship program has been planning to continue using Tangerine with some key surveys as follows:

        • School health and nutrition KAP baseline for lower secondary school: in May 2015 with 400 students
        • IDELA (International Development and Early Leaning Assessment): in August 2015 with 500 students
        • Learning assessment with primary school students: in September 2015 with 1,200 students
        • Midline, endline of all the above survey and other annual monitoring events

        To learn more about Save the Children's work in Vietnam, please visit vietnam.savethechildren.net